I wrote these songs some time ago. I made them up in-spite of being tone deaf, and rhythm-less. Out of shear will, I came up with these hooks and melodies even though I couldn’t play or sing them even a little bit. 

In 2003, my amazingly talented and generous friends agreed to record my songs. It was without question, one of the most wonderful things in my life ever…

….and it seems to be happening again.

Several awesome friends played my songs at my 50th birthday and now have offered to record some songs. I've got tentative yes' from a dozen more generous Steel Bridgers, and If you are reading this, I’ve also asked you too!

Below are my a couple dozen of my songs. You can download the song file and the lyrics by clicking on 'download'. (Unfortunately I lost all the chord charts). 

If you would be up for recording a song, that would be incredibly cool.

I plan on putting an album together of the new recordings and releasing it to all my friends, next spring 2018.

Please have a listen, I hope you dig some of my songs.

Thank you so much, 



The Edge of Breakfast

Your Mom's Saab  DOWNLOAD
Three Bright Rooms  download
Colder  download
Swim Softlydownload
Whisper Through Tearsdownload
Weakness Comfort & Compromisedownload
Stars In The Citydownload
So Sweetly Your Namedownload
Home Moviesdownload
Change In The Woodsdownload

Run Like a Hill

Blue Bird FallingDOWNLOAD
For The MorningDOWNLOAD
Out The Door Waltzdownload
Walk On Throughdownload
Wild Birdsdownload


Wash Over Medownload
Both In Leatherdownload
I'm Still Bleedingdownload
Brainwash Girldownload
Looking in the Eyedownload
Took a lot of Roaddownload