Joseph is a kayak instructor, and takes frequent kayak camping trips. He always carries his camera.

Orcas Island

Capturing the light on Orcas Island.

jones island

Photograph that was the basis for a mosaic Joseph made in November 2012, Jones Island.

mosaic studio

Part-time mosaic studio in Wisconsin. Joseph has added to his father's collection of Italian smalti, some of which dates back to the 1950's.

mosaic studio

Smalti comes precut and has a very unique texture and reflective quality.

mosaic studio

Joe works primarily in sheet (stained) glass in Seattle. He uses a glass cutting knife and clippers to create the desired shapes.


Growing up fishing on Lake Michigan, Joseph loved the taxidermy trout and salmon found on the walls of bait shops and local taverns. He has never had a catch stuffed himself, but his mosaic fish are a tribute to that tradition. These days Joe does most of his fishing from a kayak, and has written numerous article about it in Sea Kayaker Magazine.


Sketching the shape. Joseph searches lumber yards and carpentry shops to source frames and substrate. Sometimes the knots and grain of the wood influence the subject selection and final image.

first tiles

With the first anchoring tiles, Joseph makes the decisions that determine the palette, flow and texture of the image.

filling in

The patterns are set and further elaborated.

nearly complete mosaic

Nearing completion, any existing aesthetic problems become readily apparent. A piece is not finished until it feels right and occasionally at this stage large sections may get ripped out and re-imagined.

complete mosaic

Almost finished. With some images, grouting can help unify the image.

starting the next

While the glue dries Joseph is on to the next piece.